WhoAmI? (About me)

This is the all so common question I ask myself fairly often. It’s not that I don’t know who I am, my direction, or what I want. It’s more or less a status check to make sure my goals are in sync with my dreams. My current mission statement is that I am traveling most of the United States and parts of the world to investigate human psychology, and locals in their natural environment.

I’d like to start out with beginning with the ideals that we (Homosapiens) are not much different than animals. We have our basic needs, but the thing that has abandoned us long ago for many in 1st world countries, is the survival instinct. The difference at this point, is that people who forget about survival instincts tend to confuse want with need, and need unnecessary items. So excuse me if I appear slightly bitter to the big city life, as I think that is the easier life in the world.

WhoAmI though? My name is Austin, I live in the great city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I attended Michigan State University, and am still wandering to find my calling. I am a security officer, and have started this blog to post my thoughts openly, and talk about psychological mish mash and hope maybe I can get a few people to post back. Nothing I write is right or wrong, but is mostly opinion. I will state if it’s a fact, I will do my best to fill in appropriate credentials. The goal here is to kill time and improve my writing skills. I am also observing people in their natural habitats too. Most cities offer a specific attitude, and I don’t intend on putting myself in harms way of any kind, but I do find the way people live so uncommonly and in different ways says a lot about not only the environment, but their youth, education, and perhaps current occupation.

So WhoAmI? I am a Silent Observer, I don’t care for common media, and will analyze the crap out of any political statement made. I’m not the smartest chimp in the zoo, but you can bet I’m going to be the most clever if I can help it.


Anything you want to say?

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