Email to General Motors

So recently my car (Saturn Aura 3.6L) has encountered a timing chain malfunction. I am very experienced with cars, but lack the tools, and knowledge on how to change this part. This is the email I sent out to GM. It was meant to be angry, and threatening in little ways. Maybe I could have written it better, but I mostly and poking around to see if anyone here even knows of a fix or loop hole. Anyway, here is the letter I wrote, enjoy!

Dear General Motors,

I address you not as Saturn, but as a whole, because I want to say that I will never buy another GM product again, which unless you can fix my vehicle on my terms. I will be fair about it, as this default on engineering is not my fault. That includes it’s child and sister companies either. I have to replace the timing chain on my 2007 Saturn 3.6L Aura. I understand the item is under “wear and tear” but really that doesn’t make sense to me. I came into possession of the vehicle mid summer of 2011. The vehicle had just over 70,000 miles and had a car fax report with every annual checkup for the previous owner.
When I purchased the vehicle used from Capitol Cadillac in Lansing, Michigan, the vehicle ran as expected. It had acquired mostly highway miles, and was rarely used for great distances inner city driving. I want to announce my father is a master mechanic, and myself is some what of an apprentice. We both have taken many steps in preserving and maintaining the vehicle. I’ll get down to business though. My vehicle is now at 92,000 miles, and I have had several engine lights turn on, including a few indicating a loss of horse power. I have noted several events where horse power was severely lessened. I have done a large amount of research, and all hands point to the timing chain, but do indicate other problems such as cam phasers and other components. The other problem is there isn’t really very many resources out there indicating the proper way to replace it.
I have spoken to a GM rep before quoting me that I need to take it to a GM certified dealership to have it torn apart. The problem with that, is there is a clear default with the engine, and that requires my money. I am also aware the timing chain issue, has been a known issue sense 2004 from an engineering issue from the developers from Opal. So here I present how I see this problem could be fixed with minimal effort. There are other problems with the car I CAN FIX MYSELF. However, I am not willing to spend over $2,000 to fix a problem that shouldn’t have even exist. That is a terrible way of doing business. I do a lot of work in the media, and do a lot of traveling. I need my car, and without it, it gives me more time to dwell on the idea GM doesn’t really care about it’s customer base. Prove me wrong on this.. please. I am just asking for an engine repair. I want my car to be repaired by a GM certified mechanic of my choosing, but by your dollar. I want ALL problems to be fixed and before winter hits.
If that cannot be done, I will promise GM, and it’s coconspirators, I will never buy another GM product. I will also never recommend another another good vehicle from them, even if I know which ones are good. I really would like to see if we can come to a conclusion. My cell phone number is ***.***.****, and I would appreciate it if a representative could come into contact with me sometime around 2 pm Eastern Time, I would be happy to fix this. No need to look up warranty, because I am aware it has gone away. But still is inexcusable, for not only customer sales, but reputation.
Please GM, make this right,
Austin L. Adams

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